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Cis Woman Who Bashed CeCe McDonald Charged




A Minneapolis [cis] woman is charged with starting a fight outside a bar last year that left a friend of hers dead and led to murder charges against Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, in a case that became a rallying point for the transgender community.

Molly Shannon Flaherty, 41, was charged May 11 with second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and third-degree assault causing substantial bodily harm, both felonies, for allegedly smashing a glass in McDonald’s face outside the Schooner Bar in Minneapolis on June 5.

The Washington County attorney’s office is handling the case to avoid a conflict of interest because Hennepin County prosecutors charged McDonald with second-degree murder for stabbing Dean Schmitz, 47, in the melee.

McDonald, who is [a] transgender and lives as a woman, pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter May 2 and is expected to be sentenced to three and half years in prison. For months before the plea, McDonald’s supporters protested the charges.

Flaherty and Schmitz were among a group smoking cigarettes outside the bar just after midnight when McDonald and friends walked by, the charges said. Schmitz allegedly began hurling racial, homophobic and transgender slurs at McDonald’s group, who then confronted Schmitz, the charges said.

A fight began when Flaherty allegedly threw or pushed a bar glass in McDonald’s face, causing a gash that required 11 stitches. A witness not with either group reported seeing Flaherty on the ground and Schmitz trying to pull people off her and out of the fight. The witness then saw Schmitz step backward, hold his hand up to his shirt and say, “You stabbed me.” McDonald allegedly said, “Yes, I did,” and walked away.

In a statement, Washington County Attorney Peter Orput said charges against Flaherty were delayed because McDonald did not speak to investigators before her trial. Once she entered a plea, the case moved forward.

Flaherty was booked into the Hennepin County jail May 15. She was released the next day on $15,000 bail. She did not immediately return a telephone message for comment.

(By Abby Simons, Star Tribune)

so the state is gonna prosecute and present the case against CeCe’s initial but not only attacker - the initiator of violent group assault proving CeCe was acting in self defense AFTER she’s been sent to prison for that very act of self defense…fascinating…and by fascinating i mean nauseating cause WE CAN SEE WHAT THEY’RE DOING HERE. on a more vicious note…i hope to fuck those really were that piece of shit’s last words…

so they get to slash her face and she cant stab them back?

i need a gun. im killing whoever messes w me. may as well.

This racist cissexist fuckery continues to pile higher.

So.. wait. You guys are mad because they are charging one of Cece’s attackers because they waited so long to charge. [Edit: did not understand the first comment until strugglingtobeheard rephrased it. Got it now]

[Redacted because Strugglingtobeheard is right, comments were derailing and minimizing].

(Source: transfeminism)

Struggling To Be Heard: nudiemuse: strugglingtobeheard: i’m removing the tag: 18° 15’ N, 77°...





i’m removing the tag: 18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W off all photos that i see with their tag. they probably haven’t responded to the critique and they keep taking off critical info off people’s photos and then putting their blog name under it like it’s…

i like the idea of coming up with a list of non-fetishizing, credit attributing picture blogs

this would be awesome. i don’t know if i have the time but i certainly do follow some decent blogs and can maybe make a list. and then we can find other blogs/people interested and maybe put something together. iunno.

and to africanessence, that’s fucked up. if they don’t even respond to critique then they just want to jerk their dick to Black women but refuse to see us as actual people. misogynistic pieces of shit. also, since both you and afrosistuh said it:

afrodesiacworldwide is another blog that doesn’t respect the owners photos and puts their name all over shit. get with unfollowing these blogs. it’s the least we can do to show our lack of support. until we can block them from taking our shit completely.

Thanks for the heads up. Unfollowing them.

And while we’re on this overall subject…


…can I just say that it really hurts that, whenever people talk about the history of DADT, and they bring up the murder of Barry Winchell, they claim that it was because of his sexual orientation?

Quick recap: Army soldier Barry Winchell was in a relationship with a trans woman, Calpernia Addams. As a result, he was harassed (which his superiors did nothing to stop) and, in the end, murdered. Cis LGB activists seized on this as part of their anti-DADT campaigning, seemingly giving very little thought to the fact that the relationship for which Winchell was murdered was, in fact, straight.

Yes, I get it — the army thought he was gay, and he was harassed and ultimately murdered because he was perceived as gay. But he wasn’t gay. Maybe he was bi; I don’t know. But he was in a relationship with a woman. And you know what else? The reason he was perceived as gay was transmisogyny — because his tormentors didn’t believe Calpernia Addams was a woman.

Stop erasing that, cis LGB folks. Stop saying that he was murdered because he was gay, as that erases the reality of what happened, and does exactly nothing to stop it from happening again.

Gimpunk: I'm going to scream.


Well I’ve worked at this job for about ten months now (elementary school) and now that its summer that means working at the summer program at a different school and so ny new supervisor said I need a doctors now showing my accomodation list. So I did.

I need open toed…

You should do some research on agencies that help disabled folks out in discrimination cases. I think the ACLU might? Alternatively, there are lawyers that work for free and then take a chunk if you win your case.

How to be a Queer Ally (WIP)



As part of the LGBTPQ community, there are a few things I take into account when granting allyship:

1. When you say LGBTPQ, do you really mean gay? We’re not all gay and many of us are more than gay (i.e., gay and trans, lesbian and gqueer, biromantic lessexual, etc.) When you support the “gay” community and erase anyone who isn’t good ole simple gay, you are no ally.

2. Not all queers are white. Yeah, believe it or not, PoC can be queer. Even Chinese sweatshop workers, you douche. Oh, and if you blame the black community for homophobia, fuck off. 

3. Allies may talk with us, not for us. NEVER tell a queer person what they are or how to be queer. They don’t have to do this or that to be a “productive member of the community” (straight people have told me this shit, yes). You are straight. The fuck do you know about what it means to be queer?

4. We know you are straight. Stop saying it. We heard you the first time. And the second time. And yes, even the fifth time. If you feel the need to constantly reiterate that you are straight, it gives the impression that you want us to know that you’re “OK” with us, but not eve one of us.

Okay, those are all I can think of right now. I’ll add more and I encourage fellow queers to add as well

I love how the queer community always takes the time to recognize the intersection between disabled and queer identity—

oh wait.

Clearly you forgot that disabled people aren’t allowed to have a sexual orientation that isn’t asexual.

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this is how i do relationships

I am very like this. It’s so annoying when people act like the moment your relationship isn’t 100% perfect fairyfloss town you should just up and leave. No. Sometimes it will require trying, and if we’re both trying and it’s worth it than I won’t run away.

god this so much. seriously.

relationships are SUPPOSED TO BE WORK

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